Air Shipping Terms
Air Shipping Terms


  • Rates are only valid for general cargo.
  • Bulky goods are invoiced in weight resulting from the ratio of 1 : 6 ( 1 cubic meter = 166.67 x / ug) .
  • The above prices are based on current fairway applications and are subject to change without notice by the airlines.
  • The above prices do not include transportation security, STORAGE and VAT. If you wish to transport safety, our company can arrange insurance, provided to us indicate this in writing before the goods are loaded .
  • The prices do not apply to dangerous, fragile and valuable goods. Prices do not also include expenses arising due to force majeure, such as war, strikes, unforeseen catastrophic weather conditions etc .
  • For shipments under L/C, a fee might be applicable, depending the country of origin.
  • These rates do not apply for shipments, which subject to special handling like: Oversized cargo, DGR, PER, DIP, HUM, VAL, CAO, AVI etc.)
  • A prerequisite maintenance of our offer is to provide us with full details of your supplier and the date of shipment of your goods to disclose to our correspondent on the agreed prices. —Punctual delivery deadlines are not accepted due to unforeseeable consequences.
  • All work undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Law 95-107 , the general conditions of Association of International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Business Greece , which received knowledge and consent to , and the transfer is regulated by the general conditions of IATA A . , the terms of the Montreal Convention and the general terms of SYNDDE & LOGISTICS