Road Shipping Terms
Road Shipping Terms
  • The prices are for weight to volume relationship 1/3. IE:
    1 cubit = 333 kg
    1 metre of car = 1,750 kg
    1 metre of car = 5.80 cubic
  • Prices do not include VAT
  • Prices do not include the cost of customs clearance in cases where it is necessary.
  • Prices do not include costs that are generated due to force majeure such as strikes, wars, unforeseen catastrophic weather conditions etc.
  • The transport order to our company and therefore to our cooperating transport companies is insured for any liability of our company that might occur for damage or loss of the transferred goods and for the time that they remain within the storage (our or in ours partners sites), free zone or in transit, in agreement with the terms and conditions of International Road Carriage of goods via road (CMR) and in no way can substitute insurance for the transfer or storage of the goods. The company’s liability for damage or loss under your ownership of goods, shall be determined on the basis of International Convention CMR and is limited per kilo/gross weight of damaged or lost merchandise. If the value of carried goods exceeds the €10.00 per kilogram, should be declared in writing before loading in order to make additionally /separately all risks insurance upon your request which compensates for the total value shown on supplier’s invoice.
  • Offsetting any claims of damages is not done in any case with outstanding rates – our invoices.
  • Transfer order in futures delivery akribochronis not accepted.
  • The cost of transportation goes – only-upon availability and trucks of the respective sites.
  • In case of change of dimensions, and non-timely information, charges may change.
  • The prices are based on the current tariffs of rates of transport costs, exchange rates FERRY BOAT, TOLL, FUEL (fuel growth of over 5% from current prices will bring and the proportional percentage increase in prices of our offer and always with your informed) etc. If it is changed to the above rates then you will be informed in writing and any change in prices offered will not regard transport that is in progress ( ).
  • The offer is valid for general cargo, non-hazardous, shrink-wrapped, and does not apply to flammable, brittle & perishable goods.
  • Your acceptance of our offer automatically means accepting the above terms of service and is only valid if the shipping order is sent to our company.